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Remote Filesync (or RFSync) is a small tool for synchronizing large files over the net.

Imagine the following situation: You downloaded a 700MB divx-movie with eDonkey. It's nearly complete, but 2MB are missing. A friend of you in the other part of the city (or country, or planet) has the complete file. Wouldn't it be nice if he could send you just the part of the file that you are missing?

RFSync solves that problem.

Screenshot of the Gui-Version

With RFSync you can synchronize any file that has some kind of transmission error.

There's a nice gui-version for windows and a commandline version for windows and unix-systems. It's small, it's simple and it's completely free (including the C-Sources).

Take a look at the HowTo-Section to see how it works.

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